Selasa, 28 September 2010

Takziah for my best friend's family(Finaz)

It was a sad day today..Finaz father was gone and left us. It was so SAD that i'm crying so hardly.. I'm still remember that Finaz told me n Iman about her father yesterday.. I can't believe that her father was gone when Iman just told me when I'm just arriving to school this evening. I think Iman was joking. I think that probably Iman n Finaz wanna prank on me, but when I saw Iman face, truly I believe that Iman WASN'T JOKING!!!.. And I remember when the last time I saw her dad, he was so like healthy.. I remember her dad was laughing at me when I said 'rumah cikgu chin',i turn to said 'rumah taik kucing'.. That was a funny moment with her dad n I was so happy that day.But the moment left became memory.. AND I WAS SO SAD!!!... WaAAaaaaaaaaaaa......

3 ulasan:

  1. sme2 kte sdekah al fatihah utk ayh syazfinas...
    spanjg org yg kte syg idop,buatlah mreka gmbira n hargailah mreka yg syg kte slame ni..jgn menyesal x sudah ble da xde... to finaz,hrp ko tbh mnjalani dugaan hidop yg allah yg idop,idop prlu diteruskan....(sobsob)

  2. sesak nafas dlm tdo..apepon, jgn ungkitkn kt finaz ble dy dtg nnt tau..sok kte nk sdekahkn duit finaz..kalo ko nk sdekahkn,bwk duit lbeh..nnt x mkn la lak ko..